Tongan Ark

A film for the senses as much as the mind, this lyrical documentary records the last years of Professor Futa Helu and his miraculous ‘Atenisi Institute, an unconventional and independent Oceanic school.

Ancient Greek philosophy, opera and Tongan culture combine in this portrait of a teacher, navigating his people through crisis in a small but hearty island kingdom.

The entire 69min film is now free to watch on Vimeo


The New Zealand Herald,

Overland Journal

Reading the Maps

Ghost South Road

For almost a decade Paul Janman and Scott Hamilton have engaged audiences with New Zealand's longest road from Auckland to the King Country at the Puniu River.

The Great South Road was built to bring a British army into the Waikato Kingdom. Paul Janman, Scott hamilton and their collaborators confront the layers of myth and history that have settled on the route.

A book has been published by Atuanui Press and a film project is in preparation. Follow the journey on facebook.